Get Clients That Want You!

I’ll help you to think like your potential clients and create compelling ads that will get you more booked appointments.

Why waste time chasing people that aren't interested in life insurance?

This just in… you don’t have to!

Imagine a consistent flow of potential clients that personally want YOU to help with their life insurance policy.

No more Who’s this? I already have life insurance or the crowd favorite click followed by the disconnect tone.

Finally… build your business around people who are seeking you out! You no longer have to go find prospects and hope they need your services.

Wat Up! I'm Koko

Go-to Ad Strategist for Life Insurance Agents

Let’s Get Clients That Want You


I’m a paid social media ad strategist with the ability to translate your awesomeness to those who have been waiting to meet you. So there’s no confusion. My skills are reserved for Life Insurance Agents, Brokers, Agencies, and Financial Advisors.


More about me

My mission is to take away the stress of lead generation with the help of Facebook and TikTok Advertising.

Simply put, let me take care of your ads and book your appointments. You just focus on those opportunities to give more peace of mind.

"So so grateful I had you in my corner!"

Viveca H., Founder & CEO @ HessConnect


"Oh, Koko, you don't know how much better I feel!"

Shelley L., Nutritionist @ Shelley Can Help

"This is the most valuable money I've ever spent!"

Rhonda D., Writing Mentor @ Resilient Writers

Design a Custom Strategy

Success looks different for everyone.  We’ll look at your data and design a strategy with your business goals in mind.

Focus on who you want to serve

Because if you’re talking to everyone you’re talking to no one. Clients can easily sift out a generalist just out to make money off of them.

Create direct response ads

Anyone can put together an ad, but it takes skill to craft one that converts. Let’s get booked appointments while you sleep!

Receive Ad breakthroughs, Fast Pass to a Lead Gen Ad, and more (or Let me do it for you!)