Revolutionize your lead generation!

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When you realize dialing or door knocking can only take your business so far,

Leverage the power of Paid Ads to grow your business.

You’re a passionate Life Insurance Agent that hits the phones, sets up the appointments, and writes the business (wash, rinse, repeat).

You believe you can help more people, but there has to be a better way to get them in front of you. 

Especially, when you’re living in the 21st century. Well, you’re in the right place!

That’s where I come in to save the day with my LIA Lead System to relieve your stress and fill your calendar with people who want to do business with you!

Side Profile of Koko Mendez

I’m Koko!

Go-to Ad Strategist for Life Insurance Agents

I help Life Insurance Agents struggling with the consistent potential client flow — but are ready to embrace lead generation in the 21st century

I’ve experienced the biggest struggle of being in the insurance industry firsthand, which comes down to lead generation.

You see on my career path toward paid social media advertisement I was recruited by an insurance company. As a naive recruit, I was told just enough to get me to go through the process only to find out I wasn’t given the job description in its entirety.

The photo you see was a captured moment (courtesy of my husband) after 6 days straight of being away from home, my husband, and our then recently adopted rescue pup.

Why was I so exhausted you ask?

Well, remember when I said I wasn’t given the job description in its entirety. Yeah, I didn’t find out till I was in that I would be door-knocking in rural towns I’ve never been before with only a week worth of “training”.

Did I mention I also had to front my own room and board too? This went on for 3 weeks only going into more debt and my wit’s end.

MmmHmm like I said I was naive. Also, I was NOT given the right tools for success and that’s what I’m here to change!

Hawaiian woman laying on grey couch exhausted

My Mission 

To help take away the stress of lead generation for your growing life insurance business so you can focus on bringing more ‘peace of mind’ to your clients.

How it works:

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"So so grateful I had you in my corner!"

Viveca H., Founder & CEO @ HessConnect


"Oh, Koko, you don't know how much better I feel!"

Shelley L., Nutritionist @ Shelley Can Help

"This is the most valuable money I've ever spent!"

Rhonda D., Writing Mentor @ Resilient Writers

Most days you can find me…

on my laptop in my living room with my sweet rescue pup, Tux, squeezed beside me. Cup of coffee in hand with my husband, Leo, editing videos in the background with his volume at max level lol (If you’re married to a videographer you know the struggle)

I’ve been in the Meta (Facebook) Ad/ Media Buying Industry going on six years now and I enjoy every moment of it.

I also enjoy:

  • Walking on the beaches of my native land in Hawai’i (Yes, I am Native Hawaiian)
  • Lip Sync Battles
  • Spontaneous adventures with my hubby and our pup, Tux
  • Binge-watching new seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Anything to do with comics no matter if it’s DC or Marvel (There’s no special treatment here I love them all)

My Core values

Ho'ohana (intentional work)

I believe in creating an intentional strategy (plan) will achieve one or more long-term goals under any conditions including uncertainty.

'Ike Loa (to seek learning, wisdom & mastery)

I provide result-proven systems that support progress in your business. These systems give you back what you seek most as a Business Owner – TIME!

Ho'omau (perseverance, tenacity, resilience)

I believe there is always a solution waiting to be revealed. There’s no “passing the buck” ONLY pivots to achieve your goal in mind.

Ready to ditch the dial?

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